Why Polytron?

With the increasing complexity of technology, more customers want complete solutions for their unique information technology (IT) problems, requiring hardware, software, and networking expertise in a multi-vendor environment.

Who Are Our Customers?

You are. We have implemented systems for Federal and State government agencies, Enterprise-level corporations, schools, and businesses of all sizes.

What Are Our Solutions?

We are Systems Integrators (SI), specializing in bringing together diverse components and subsystems into a whole, and ensuring that those elements function seamlessly together. We benefit from being generalists, knowing a lot about a large number of products and systems, then creating solutions that may include designing and building a customized architecture, integrating it with new or existing hardware, and communications infrastructure.

We are Subject Matter Experts (SME), and an Authorized Business Partner with selected industry-leading technology manufacturers. We have special in-depth knowledge, tempered by real-world experience, best practices, and tricks-of-the-trade that will ultimately make your project a success. We actually do the work, spending time on roof-tops, server rooms, utility vaults, and office building Main Distribution Frames (MDFs). Therefore, we not only understand your challenges, but the technical details within those challenges.

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